Connecting the Shaft Encoder to Fio

After figuring out my voltages, I wanted to connect the shaft encoder to the Fio and make sure it worked.

I started by creating a diagram (Diagram 1) for the breadboard.

Breadboard Fio with Step Up and Encoder
Diagram 1: Fio with Encoder and Step Up Breakout.

I built out the circuit on a breadboard and added it to my mess of wires, which included the accelerometer I had already connected to the Fio.

fio with breadboards
Fio with accelerometer and shaft encoder

I created a simple program to display the values from the shaft encoder to a terminal on my computer. The most up to date code is available here.

The values displayed on my terminal vary between 0 and ~1023. Sometimes I get values greater than 1023 and the values change when the encoder isn’t moving. I am not sure what is contributing to this variance, but in the future I will try to eliminate this noise with software by averaging the values over time and limiting the max to 1023.

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