Viking boat plans


Here is the backstory of why I am building a viking boat: Balsa viking boat

I wanted to create my own plans, partially for the challenge, but also because I someday want to build another RC sailboat. I built my first RC sailboat out of balsa using bulkheads, strakes (stringers), and planking. This worked well, so I decided to use a similar approach.

Drew plans by hand

I started by looking at pictures of viking boats online. I got a pretty good sense for the overall shape and sketched out a profile view of what I wanted my boat to look like. I then created a corresponding top view of the boat. I used graph paper so I could easily cross reference dimensions of the different views.

I then sketched out the bulkheads, matching the dimensions that I had established with the top and side view.

viking boat - hand
Top and side view of viking boat. Bulkheads are numbered 1-10.
viking boat bulkheads - hand
hand sketched bulkheads. The numbers represent the sequence, 1 being the bow, 10 the stern. The rectangles on top are for attaching the bulkheads to a jig during construction.

full pdf: viking boat plans – hand

Imported plans into Illustrator

I wanted plans that were symmetrical, easily printed, and easily modified, so I recreated my sketches in Illustrator.

I started by scanning the sketches as a pdf. Then, using the pen tool, I traced over the left side of each bulkhead. I then copied the left side, reflected it vertically and placed it next to the original, creating a symmetrical drawing.

Symmetrical bulkheads

.pdf of plans: viking boat plans

If you would like the illustrator version, let me know and I will be happy to send them to you.

About the plans

The number under each bulkhead is the sequence of the bulkhead from bow (1) to stern (10). The bulkheads with two numbers are the same for those positions, for example bulkhead 2 and 9 are the same shape.

The rectangle at the top of each bulkhead is used to secure the bulkhead to the jig during construction. These will be cut off after the boat is built.

The small squares along the edge of the bulkheads are notches for the strakes. These allow the planking to sit flush with the edge of the bulkhead.

The rectangles inside of bulkheads 3-8 are cutouts for decking.

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  1. I would like to obtain the illustrator version of your Viking Boat plans. I am planning to build a three foot boat. thanks


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